Continental Breakfast for Sunday Morning

Continental Breakfast

Remember the milk man who talked my great-grandmother into buying buttermilk by giving her the pancake and biscuit recipes? Well, he gave her this one, too. (I think he was kind of sweet on her). Anyway these muffins have been a family staple for five generations and for many years was our traditional Christmas breakfast bread.

Unlike the rest of my family, I’m not really much of a breakfast eater, I’m just not hungry until several hours after I’ve been up and working. So I do not do eggs, bacon, potatoes and the like for breakfast, however I do like the foods of breakfast so will make them for dinner occasionally. That said, I like a simple continental breakfast, like the one I had this morning. Coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice and blueberry muffins with butter. A very pleasant way to enjoy the Sunday paper.

These muffins are, quick, easy and very tasty as well as quite pretty on the table. Enjoy!

Muffins in Basket

Printable Blueberry Muffin Recipe

Blueberry Muffins

Before Breakfast

Before Breakfast

After Breakfast

After Breakfast




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The lost art of handwriting

Some of you may have seen this post last summer at Austen Authors but I thought it deserved repeating, particularly after reading an article about how libraries are going from printed books to ditigal formats which will ultimately culminate in bookless libraries (I’ll be posting on that soon). No handwriting, bookless libraries… what’s next? So here is my take on handwriting, longhand, cursive.



Jane Austen Comfort Food

With the rain, that was long in coming here in Southern California, it finally felt a little like winter for us. Something the 80 degree weather we were having (and seem to be having again) just didn’t do. Along with the rain came a desire for comfort food, which made me wonder if Jane Austen liked the same comfort foods we do and I suspect she did. This recipe, modified a bit from the one in the Jane Austen Cookbook, is my kind of comfort food. Personally I don’t care much for ‘regular’ mac and cheese as I am not a fan of melted cheddar. Not sure why, I like it cold, but never developed a taste for it melted. Which makes this one particularly good for me as there is no cheddar in it.

When I make this I use only about a half tablespoon of butter simply because I don’t need the extra fat, but it does give a wonderful flavor to the dish so use the whole amount of butter the first time you make it so you can see how it should taste. To that end, use cream because it makes it very rich and nice, but I use 2% milk under normal circumstances. The first time I made it I sprinkled cheese on top and broiled it, but don’t anymore. For me it doesn’t add much in the way of flavor and, as I am by myself, presentation isn’t so important. The oregano around the edge was just for the picture (it needed color) and I liked the fuzzy, gray-green of the leaves.

After you make it let me know what you think.

JaneMac&Cheese2Printable Macaroni Recipe

MacaroniI’m giving away a signed copy of Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen this week, so leave a comment for me.

"Clever, charming and affectionate"

“Clever, charming and affectionate”