James’ poetic tribute to Jane

In her, rare union, were combined a fair form, and a fairer mind;

Hers fancy quick, and clear good sense,

And wit which never gave offence;

A heart as warm as ever beat, A temper even; calm & sweet.

Though quick & keen her mental eye Poor nature’s foibles to espy,

And seemed forever on the watch,

Some trails of ridicule to catch

Yet not a word she ever penned

Which hurt the feelings of a friend.

This poem was written by Jane Austen’s brother James after her death in 1817.

One wonders if he ever said any of these nice things to her while she was alive.

It reminds all of us to tell the people we care about just what they mean to us.

One thought on “James’ poetic tribute to Jane

  1. Her stories are still as popular as ever. TV and films constantly remake her wrtitngs in that medium.
    Never thought about comparing her with other historical figures of the time. I enjoy period pieces of that era.
    Ever intriguing to read about her and other authors of that time. It spawns other writers (such as yourself) to weave stories in and around her life. It’s always fun to observe the customs and social satatus of the people during those times. It also brings curiousity to the forefront in one’s mind as well.

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