Physician, Heal Thyself

Over the years people have asked me how I write; my process. It’s difficult to explain. My late husband, Michael who was a writer by trade taught me that if you are going to write, you have to treat it like a job and do it every day. That’s what I do. Every day I work on something whether it be research for a current project, promotion for a newly released project or notes for a future project. I do something every day.

Since people seem to be interested in the process I’ve decided that while I work on my next book, Physician, Heal Thyself, I’m going to post fairly often about what I’m doing and how it’s going. Pretty sure I won’t be doing it every day but I will try (at least) a few times a week.

Maybe I should start by telling you a little bit about the story. I don’t want to give it away so I’ll be fairly cryptic but it is a story of unrealized reincarnation. While in medical school Antoinette (Anne) Rishel was engaged to marry Edward (Ted) McConaughy. A few weeks before the wedding an acquaintance tells Anne that she’s seen Ted with another woman. Anne confronts him and denies it, trusting him she goes ahead with the wedding plans. A few days before the wedding she personally sees him with someone else. Again he denies it but she has seen it with her own eyes and cancels the wedding. The two go to different places for their residencies and lose track of each other. Anne falls in love and marries someone else. Years later she finds that Ted is working for her uncle who is dean of a local medical school, raising a whole lot of unwelcome emotions.

I’ve just begun, things might change, but at present the first two chapters introduce the two main characters. Now I am going to watch a documentary that I got from Netflix as research for this project.

In the meantime, another hobby is baking… aren’t these cupcakes pretty. They were created from a basic white cake recipe with blackberry puree added, with puree in the basic buttercream frosting as well. They taste pretty good, too.

Until later…


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  1. Jan Ashe says:

    Sally, you are so focused, dedicatedand committed to your craft that it is inspirational. I look forward to reading your newest effort since I so enjoyed your other books. Congratulations on having a plan and sticking to it!

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