Christmas Giveaway!




Bone china cup and saucer and selection of teas.

Bone china cup and saucer and selection of teas.

Janet Taylor's 2014 Pride and Prejudice calendar and The Kiss mouse pad.

Janet Taylor’s 2014 Pride and Prejudice calendar and The Kiss mouse pad.




There’s more but we want you to be surprised!

Take a short cruise around our site, return home and tell us what you like and one lucky commenter will win all the goodies. Don’t forget to leave your name and e-mail address.


A bit of a winter treat for you

I have a post at Fly High today and Maria is giving away an eEdition of Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage.


13 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway!

  1. Vesper says:

    I like your recipe for apple cupcakes, I also like the way that I can see all your books on one page

  2. betsy says:

    I love the Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage video. Makes me want to spend Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage.

  3. Charlene says:

    Love this site. I didn’t know your husband wrote vampir novels. It sound interesting, but my favorite part of this site was the recipes. The molasses cookies sound very familiar to my moms recipe and I believe I will be copying it down and be making it this Christmas. Thanks!

    • Mike wrote lots of things but he seemed to like dark fiction best. We wrote The Man Who Loved Jane Austen, The Maidenstone Lighthouse and Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage together. I didn’t want his work to die with him so decided to serialize Vampir and will do others as well. May well ePublish them, too.

      The molasses crinkles are from the original Betty Crocker Picture cookbook from the early 50s. One of my favorite cookies.

  4. Carole in Canada says:

    I enjoyed ‘The Darcys’ and your lemon cookies sound delicious and so easy!

  5. Jakki L. says:

    Oh, I love your recipes! I’m always on the look out for more. Might just make your lemon cookies as I am in charge of the letter L’s snack in a few weeks at daughter’s preschool.
    The bar on the left with pictures, buttons & links is well organized. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    jakki36 at yahoo dot com

  6. If you make the lemon cookies let me know how they go over.

    How’s the ‘baby’ doing?

  7. Laura says:

    I like the recipe for Roasted Pumpkin Soup, I will have to try it!

  8. Erika Messer says:

    Oh I think the better question would be what DON’T I like LOL! Actually I enjoy everything on your site, love the recipes and I really want to read Sea Pines Cottage :) I also want to read your husband’s Vampir :) I just purchased Yours Affectionately so that’s another one I need to check off my list :) Would love to win the goodies! Thank you for the contest and for your wonderful contribution to all the Austenites!

    Erika Messer,

    • Thank you for all the compliments. Hope you’ll be coming back. Later in the month I’m doing a blog on a tea tasting I hosted this week. Five different teas and 14 ladies. It was fun. Also a heads up, I’m giving away a copy of Maria Grace’s newest ‘Twelfth Night at Longbourne’ on Monday the 16th (Jane’s birthday) to celebrate the launch.

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