Rustic TriBerry Pie

TriBerry Pie

With the family growing older now, birthday celebrations tend to be joint affairs, where we celebrate two or more at a time. This past Sunday was one of those days. Sam turned 16 in early August, Clara was 14 in May and mom Tanya had a big day in June. We all met up at the home of Sara’s friend Stella. A lovely old Craftsman home that she has furnished very comfortably, the pool and hot tub (salt water) gave everyone the cooling needed on a hot summer afternoon and evening.

Sara grilled some wonderful kabobs of lamb, chicken and beef, beautiful asparagus and couscous. I did deserts. Red velvet cupcakes and a summertime berry pie.

Sam and Clara My great nephew & niece

Sam and Clara
My great nephew & niece

But the TriBerry Pie was the biggest hit, and it was wonderful. Just add ice cream or whipped cream. Here’s the recipe.

Printable TriBerry Pie Recipe and Printable Crust Recipe

This crust is the one I use for all my pies, but particularly pumpkin.

TriBerry Pie RecipeCrust

This pie is time consuming, but definitely worth it. Get the last of the summer berries and make it for Labor Day, you won’t be disappointed.



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