Jane Austen’s First Love

We’re celebrating the launch of Syrie James’ newest blockbuster! Here’s your chance to win a copy!

JaneAustensFirstLove 100 dpi“A wonderful, charming and lively story of what might have been.
James presents readers with an evocative and sweet romance that reads like Emma
This enchanting tale will have readers recalling their first love:
the joy, the nervousness, and the sadness of parting.
Simply a lovely novel!”
Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Syrie James is magnificent!…This early Austen adventure is truly unforgettable!”
Feathered Quill

“A fresh and engaging new story, which is a real feast for any Austen fan.
Jane–who is also the first-person narrator in the story–is enchanting,
while devilishly handsome Edward Taylor is temptingly irresistible.
This book can’t be missing on your Austenesque shelf and would be a very special
gift to young readers you want to initiate into Jane Austen’s world.”
—My Jane Austen Book Club

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4 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s First Love

  1. Erna Arnesen says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter. Looking forward to reading this latest book by Syrie!

  2. Carole in Canada says:

    Can’t wait to read this book by Syrie! Thank you so much for your generous offering! I loved her book on Charlotte Bronte!

  3. Anji says:

    Hi Sally and Syrie. Is this for a paperback copy or an ebook? Is it open intenationally?

    From the excerpts I’ve read, it looks a really good and interesting read and it’s already on my ever-increasing wish list!

  4. junewilliams7 says:

    You might consider a warning label – “includes heartbreak for young Jane Austen.” Poor Jane! But well-written….

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