I was a Bernie Sanders supporter, not so much because I agreed with all his left leaning ideas, but because the country had gone so far to the right (what with Congress refusing to do anything because we elected a Democratic President; refusing to fulfill their Constitutional duty to Advise,  Consent and confirm a justice to the Supreme Court). It’s been like watching Allen Drury’s book come to life, with everyone only out for their own agenda, with no thought to what the citizenry wanted or needed, and least of all what would be best for the country. It’s been painful to experience. I was hoping that with Sanders so far to the left that the pendulum might actually swing the other way and ultimately settle in the center where it needs to be. But no such luck.

So now we had a man who seemed most interested in being in the spotlight, and a woman everyone said is untrustworthy, and likely a criminal. I, however, was unwilling to take it all at face value. So I put on my research boots and started kicking around the internet. The first thing I ran into had nothing to do with the election or nominees.

I ran across a documentary on the Jon Bonet Ramsey murder, after twenty years, it’s still unsolved. It reminded me how outraged people were about the fact that she’d been in beauty pageants for little girls. Her mother was considered terrible for either forcing or allowing it, either way Patsy Ramsey was a horrible person even before she was a suspect in her daughter’s death. That said, it made me wonder just what has happened to society as a whole.

I am not a psychiatrist or sociologist, so I have no answer, but I find it disturbing that television channels like TLC (it used to be The Learning Channel) with shows like Paleoworld are now showing Toddlers and Tiaras. We ought not be entertained watching little girls dress up like adults, often acting like brazen hussies, as my grandmother would have said. And their mothers with their horrid antics ought to be embarrassed. How did the channel A&E (Time Well Spent), who once partnered with the BBC to create the ultimate version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (as well as airing many BBC series) and the original series Biography become home to Killer Kids, and Duck Dynasty?  If entertainment is the mirror of our humanity, we are in deep trouble as a people. We shouldn’t be entertained by other people’s trials and tribulations, by other’s pain and tragedy. What does that say about us?

As a teenager, I was very active in politics, but after a particularly heated argument with a family friend, my mother admonished me. “It’s best not to discuss religion or politics in polite society,” she said. I’ve found it difficult to comply with mom’s rebuke this year. But I’ve been good, thus far. But no more.

I began my research on the internet and moved to books, magazines and newspapers at the library. I really wanted to understand these two people and find the truth about them. Was Trump, a seemingly successful business man really as stupid as he seemed sometimes? Was Clinton really as untruthful as they all said? Is he a sexual abuser? Is she a traitor? I had to find out for myself. And I did.

What I found is that the man so many think would be a breath of fresh air for government appears to be a sociopath. If you question the assertion, let me explain how I arrived at that opinion. Sometime ago I read an article enumerating the seven signs that someone is a sociopath:

Compulsive lying … I was going to put a few examples, but there are so many lies that I couldn’t decide which to use. They range from small insignificant untruths to huge lies, FactCheckers have determined that, on average, only 9% of what he says is the truth.

Emotional detachment … He has been married three times and admits that he had nothing whatever to do with rearing his children. How much emotional attachment is he capable of?

Narcissism … This goes without saying, everything has to revolve around him, only he can do anything. Everyone else is stupid and he’s not. And he’s never wrong.

A reckless attitude … Is there anything more reckless than suggesting the entire world have and use nuclear weapons?

Anger … His anger is so overwhelming, that often he can’t stop himself from saying and doing stupid stuff.

Manipulation … He’s done a pretty good job of manipulating the American public into believing that they are much worse off than they were when President Obama was elected. The facts, however, prove otherwise:

The U.S. trade deficit has shrunk by 24 percent; exports have grown faster than imports.
The number of immigrants in the U.S. illegally has gone down — by 3.4 percent according to one independent estimate and by 9 percent according to another.
The economy has added 9.7 million jobs.
The unemployment rate has dropped below the historical norm. (In Ohio it’s dropped from 6% to 4%)
The buying power of the average worker’s weekly paycheck is up 4.2 percent.
Corporate profits are running 144 percent higher and stock prices have soared.
The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by nearly 15 million.
A revolving door of friends … I didn’t find anyone who actually admitted to being a friend of his, but if his campaign staff is any indication, it appears that he is unable to keep anyone close.

He is a relatively successful business man. He’s turned the 37 million dollars he got from his father into 500 million. But he’s had far more failures than successes. That doesn’t make him a bad man. Who he is makes him a bad man. In my research I found that he is and always has been a bully, an authoritarian who is a racist, xenophobe, and misogynist. In 1973 Trump was sued by the Justice Department for violating fair housing policies by refusing to rent to people of color. He believed that “laziness is a trait in blacks.” He told the people in Atlantic City that he only wanted, “short guys in yarmulkes” counting his money. As for xenophobia leanings, we all know how he treated Khizr Khan’s parents. Examples of his misogyny are well known and unnecessary to repeat.

Some may consider all of that trivial, but to me it seems a significant indicator of the radical shift in society that has created the possibility that Donald Trump might actually become President of the United States. A thought that terrifies me. I don’t know if I read this or heard it, but it struck a chord; Hitler’s rise was not because Fascism was strong, but because Democracy was weak. I fear that is what is happening here.

While I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton isn’t always truthful (I’ve never seen a politician who is completely truthful). However, I have discovered by reading those books, magazines and newspapers, facts that I did not know about Secretary Clinton. Including, but not limited to, that she is one of, if not the most truthful of all politicians who ran for President this year. A couple of the sites, that keep track of such things, have her a whole percentage point over Bernie Sanders in truthfulness. That triggered even stronger need to find out more about her.

In seeking information regarding Benghazi, something that everyone seems to think was her fault, I discovered that while the American Embassy once asked for added security, no indication was found that the request ever got to the Secretary or that there was more than the single request. Even so, Secretary Clinton took full responsibility, and congress was unable to find anything criminal, after three investigations. Was she held responsible because she was a Democrat and Congress was Republican?

In my continuing research, I found that Cyrus Vance was Secretary of State in 1979-1981, during the Iran Embassy hostage situation, but was not held responsible for it. George Schultz was Secretary of State in 1983 when the Marine Barracks in Beirut was bombed and 241 Americans were killed, he was not held responsible either. And when Islamic terrorists attacked America, Colin Powell was Secretary of State … wonder of wonders, he was not held responsible. Vance served under Jimmy Carter, Schultz under Ronald Reagan and Colin Powell under George W. Bush. So why is Hillary Clinton responsible? Perhaps it is because she is a woman and so must exceed expectation. A double standard?

Colin Powell was also the spearhead for the Iraq war (for which Ms. Clinton is taking a lot of heat because she voted for it). He resigned in 2004 admitting all his decisions were made from faulty information, but he wasn’t blamed for it or 9/11. Why? Perhaps because he is a man.

And for all the discussions of her emails and private server, turns out several Secretaries of State have had private servers. But only she has been accused of treason. Before you jump all over that statement, the so called ‘classified’ emails, I found out, were not classified when she sent them. The information was retroactively classified. Still, no charges have ever been brought against Hillary Clinton.

It is also interesting to note, that the only actual classified emails were hacked from the State Department server (also the FBI and IRS), however, Secretary Clinton’s server was never hacked, maybe she should have used it to send classified information.

I’ve heard people lament their lot in life, I guess because they aren’t as rich as Trump, but before they jump on the Republican Bandwagon, a small history lesson might be in order. Republicans are not good for the economy, they are good for some businesses, who get rich. Republicans tend to want to deregulate everything (as Mr. Trump has said he would do), but please remember, the crash of 1987was a direct result of President Reagan deregulating airlines, banks, wall street, media, and most businesses and industries. Nothing was being manufactured, nothing was being designed and built here, so when the market collapsed, so did the economy, it had nothing to fall back on.

It’s also interesting to note that the country was in a constant state of economic depression during the Eisenhower administration. To some it seemed good because they were comparing it to the rationing during the Second World War, which followed the great depression which was the result of three consecutive Republican administrations.

The oil crisis of the 1970s caused a steep economic down turn, your parents might remember that Nixon was in the White House at the time. The one we all remember because it was not so long ago, was considered a great recession and happened under the leadership of George Bush (as did 9/11).

For some reason people equate the Democrats with a bad economy, but the truth is that the 1990s, during Bill Clinton’s presidency, was the longest period of growth and energized economy in recent history. The 1960s saw the strongest and most progressive social changes in the country’s history under LBJ’s leadership.

So the bottom line is this, the economy hasn’t been as strong as it is now in decades, with a Democrat in the White House.

While Trump was collecting women, making and losing money, without any thought to anyone but himself, Hillary Clinton was playing a crucial role in lining up support for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. She was instrumental in securing legislation to provide on-going  medical care and monitoring for the emergency workers and clean-up workers at ground zero. She was a strong proponent of the Pediatric Research Equity Act of 2003 to increase the study of drugs in children. She supported a strong immigration bill that passed the senate in 2013, including an increase for more border patrols. Those are just recent things. She has spent much of her adult life as a champion for children and the disadvantaged.

So there you have it, my take on the whole mess … which, thankfully will be over on Tuesday. Let’s hope so anyway.

Just one more thing. I found something that has nothing to do with the election, technically, but since Trump’s plan is to slash the federal budget, I found it interesting that eight of the states that are gung-ho Trump get from 37%-40% of their respective budgets from the federal government. What will happen to those states if Trump does what he says he will do, and end subsidies and grants? Good luck with that Georgia, South Dakota, Missouri, Kentucky, Montana, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

hillary2She’s the qualified one running, so I’m with her.



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  1. Regina says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post, Sally. Thank you for the research you have done. I wish more people would see it and read it (maybe on FB?) as they head to the polls.

    Let’s hope God is smiling on our country and she wins on Tuesday (and then the sour grapes Republicans don’t try to stifle the will of the people with their typical blocking strategies!

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