DSCN1274This recipe is from my great-grandmother, Mary Magdalene Deick Kehoe or Moni as the family called her. The family legend is that the milkman was trying to sell her buttermilk along with her regular order and she told him that she would buy it if he could find recipes for her to use it in. The buttermilk biscuit and pancake recipes here are those attributed to the milkman.

A small aside, a few years ago Kelly (my step-daughter) told my grandson Nick that she was taking him to a restaurant with the best pancakes in the world, his response (bless his soul) was, ‘No, Cubby (that’s me) makes the best pancakes in the world.’ So here is that best pancake recipe.

Printable Buttermilk Pancake Recipes

Pancakes (Buttermilk)You can bake these on a hot non-stick surface but the truth is that they are much better if baked in hot oil. You don’t need a lot but they brown much better in oil.


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