Many years ago I was watching a program on Bed and Breakfasts and this was one of the recipes served to the guests at a small hotel in Cape May, NJ. Unlike so many scone recipes, this one is not dry and crumbly. It’s very tasty and easy to do. You know me, the easier the better. So next time you want tea and scones, by-pass the bakery and whip these up. It’s worth the little bit of extra effort. Serve with butter, jam, honey and lemon curd. Traditionally clotted cream is served with scones but it isn’t easy to find in the supermarkets. Since it’s made with unpasturized cream it is difficult to make at home. However you can make faux-Devonshire Cream.

Printable Buttermilk Scone Recipe

Scones (ButterMilk)Scone


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