First Pemberley Christmas

tn_xmasdoorway_largeElizabeth skipped down the stairs, still unable to stop smiling after three weeks of marriage. She laughed, she really was blissfully happy. She already felt at home, helped no doubt by the fact the Mr. Darcy seemed to be just as happy.

She stepped into the breakfast room, a small west facing room already warmed by the morning sun. It had been Mr. Darcy’s favorite room in the house. A slight blush warmed her face for he had told her that their bedroom was now his favorite.

She picked up the envelope tucked next to her plate on the table set for just the two of them. It was a letter from Jane. At the window she snapped the seal and unfolded the small paper.

Darcy stood in the doorway; she was breathtaking; the sun glistening in his wife’s hair. He smiled at the word then silently crossed the room. Elizabeth startled slightly atwindowwhen he bent and kissed her neck. A small whimper escaped her throat as he continued the soft butterfly-like kisses up to her ear, then whispered, “Good morning, Mrs. Darcy.” She turned and kissed him full on the mouth, stopping only for her own greeting, “And good morning to you, too, Mr. Darcy.”

“What has your sister to say?” He asked gesturing to the letter.

“Jane would very much like to come as soon as possible rather than Christmas Eve and they would like to stay through Twelfth Night.”

“Is there a problem at Netherfield?”

“Jane does not say it but even her sweet tempered nature and Mr. Bingley’s patience are, I am sure, sorely tested by my mother and Aunt Phillips.”

“Then come they must.” He paused slightly, “That means Bingley’s sisters and Mr. Hurst will come as well.”

Elizabeth sighed, “Mr. Bingley and I are now brother and sister and so I must accept his family as my own.”

He gently lifted her chin and gave her light kiss. “You are very wise my dear.”

She smiled, “He must find a home away from Longbourn.”

Darcy looked over her head and out the window, but she saw the sly smile light his face.

“What scheme are you brewing?”

“It is not my scheme.” He whispered, “Shall I tell you a secret?”

“Yes, you shall or I will tease you unmercifully until you do.”

“Bingley has already purchased an estate not thirty miles from here.”

Her eyes lit even more brightly, “Only thirty miles from Pemberley?” Elizabeth threw her arms around his neck, “Thank you, thank you.” Only slightly surprised by his wife’s spontaneous embrace he encircled her with his arms.

“Why are you thanking me?”

She gave him a knowing smile, “Mr. Bingley does nothing without your counsel, advice and approval.” She laughed and kissed him again.

breakfastroomOver breakfast they discussed Christmas. The new Mr. and Mrs. Darcy were excited by the prospect. Darcy and his sister had, since the death of their parents, kept Christmas subdued; generally spending Christmas only with each other. Elizabeth’s were a bit more hectic due mostly to the size of the family. This year she would be hostess in her own home and they both looked forward to it.



 1st Pemberley New Year

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