Lebkuchen is a family recipe brought to this country by my German great grandmother. We were always told that translated it means ‘Love Cake’, however, I discovered recently that the literal translation is ‘gingerbread’. Love cake would be ‘liebe kuchen’ which as far as I can tell is pronounced the same way. I’m guessing that like so many other words and names the spelling changed as it was handed down through the generations. Unlike other lebkuchen recipes this has no candied fruit. It is a soft, spicy bar cookie that won a red (2nd place) ribbon at the Los Angeles County Fair (too many years ago to admit). People often ask if it’s gingerbread but there is no ginger in it but it is very tasty.


Printable Lebkuchen recipe


4 thoughts on “LEBKUCHEN

  1. gyleches says:

    Actually the literal translation is “life cake”.

  2. gyleches says:

    I’ve never had it without molasses in it.

    • Probably candied fruit as well. My great-grandmother said that it was because of where in Germany she was from, somewhere near the Danish border. She thought that some overlapping may be responsible for the differences.

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