The instructions included here are not the ones from The Jane Austen Cookbook, they are what I do. One of the things that isn’t in the recipe, is soaking the currants in the wine, something I do because I want to but not doing it will not alter the overall cake. Dried fruit and be a bit too chewy so soaking softens them. You can use hot water but since the wine is going into the cake why not use it. I do pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so which helps the currants absorb it a bit faster.

Now I know this is a bit more time consuming but it will make a much better cake; sift the dry ingredients three times. It makes the cake not quite as heavy and it disperses the spices and salt more evenly so there aren’t pockets of spice. Same thing with putting the currants (sans wine) in the dry ingredients. It will coat the fruit and spread it out more evenly in the batter.

The recipe in the book does not recommend removing it from the pan to cool but I pretty much do that with everything because if you leave it to cool in the pan the bottom of the cake will cake damp which is something I prefer not to do.

It calls for Malaga or Madeira wine, I used Madeira because I was unable to find Malaga.

So here it is and it is well worth the effort to make.

Printable Mrs. Perrot’s Pound Cake Recipe

Mrs. Perrot's Pound Cake


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