Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage

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A Golden Retriever puppy, born to be a great hunting dog becomes a pet when a childish prank perpetrated by his breeders teenage son leaves the animal unable to stand to a gun. The day after Thanksgiving the breeder and his wife give the puppy to a reclusive war hero who has decided to nurse his injuries… physical and emotional at Sea Pines Cottage while tending the local lighthouse. The ex-soldier names the fluffy ball of fur Meteor because he looks like a shooting star as he races across the sand. Man and dog head to their new home, Sea Pines Cottage.

With its rough gray shingles and weathered slate roof, Sea Pines cottage seems, at first glance, past its prime. But inside this remote fisherman’s house, a driftwood fire crackles in the fireplace, brightly colored rugs cover the floor, and cozy cushions dot the worn, welcoming furniture. A young man named Robert has retreated after the war, planning to spend his days writing, tending to the local lighthouse, and nursing his injuries. For company, he adopts a young Golden Retriever puppy named Meteor, who happily settles into life at Sea Pines Cottage in his CHRISTMASATSEAPINE#6C0CFmaster’s loving care.

Robert and Meteor spend months in quiet companionship, until the day Robert rescues a young woman from a storm at sea. Strong-willed and intelligent, Laura sees past Robert’s injuries to the proud, passionate man beneath, and–with some matchmaking help from Meteor–they begin a new life together at the cottage. One Christmas Eve joy fills the cottage at the birth of their son, Nicholas and Meteor becomes the boy’s most loyal friend. But even Meteor’s tireless devotion can’t protect his cherished family from all of life’s unexpected challenges–hurdles that will teach each of them lessons of courage, faith, friendship, and the enduring love that can sustain us through life’s coldest seasons.  EXCERPT

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2 thoughts on “Christmas at Sea Pines Cottage


  2. Carole in Canada says:

    Didn’t make it over here last night as I got awfully tired. So here I am to say that I love the premise of this story. Dogs are very intuitive and definitely man and woman’s best friend. Thank you!

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