This recipe, from Ina Garten, is without doubt the best shortbread recipe I’ve ever found. I’ve made a lot of shortbread from recipes I’ve found all over the world but this beats them all. It has vanilla and almond extracts. Don’t leave the almond out (something I do often as I don’t really like it), it adds a depth of flavor that vanilla alone can’t reach. I used Christmas cookie cutters but had to put all the shapes back together because they fell apart coming out of the cutter. So I don’t recommend using anything  with small details (like reindeer, menorah, snowman, tree); the bell and boot were okay but not all that Christmasy so I just used the round and heart. This recipe makes a lot and cutting it in half works great, in fact, the half recipe is what is on Ina’s website. I’ve added it here so you don’t have to fool with the measurements. The half recipe makes about 20 cookies depending on size. Trader Joe’s has finely chopped pecans if you don’t want the hassle.

Printable Pecan Shortbread recipe




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