When Mike and I traveled, I bought cookbooks so that I would have the local versions of recipes rather than Americanizations of them. This is from an Irish cookbook (I’ll be putting up the Stew recipe for St. Pat’s day). I made it the first time for Christmas many years ago. It is rich and hearty and super easy. Believe it or not this is a homemade soup you can make after you get home from work. Just make sure you have the ingredients on hand and in an hour or so you’ll have comfort food beyond compare. The smaller you cut up the potatoes the faster they cook and the sooner the soup will be ready. Note that I used flat leaf parsley (from my garden) for garnish but you can use bacon bits, cheddar cheese, whatever you’d like.

Printable Potato Leek Soup recipe

PotSoupIng PotSoupPotatoSoup

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