VAMPIR~ Chapter Thirty-Five

 Warning! This is a horror/dark fiction story so may be disturbing to some. There is strong language and sexual situations.



“All right, lardass, tell me your story, and it better be a fucking great story.” 

Rollo Castle was handcuffed to a kitchen chair and Frolich was menacing him with the squat ugly barrel of his .38 service revolver.  He glanced into the living room where Vince was leaning over his wife.  Following a brief and violent Jeep ride, the two cops had burst into the living room to find the woman on the floor with the fat man kneeling over her. 

The little detective had tackled and cuffed the blubbering man and gone off to search the rest of the house while Vince had seen to Annie.  Upstairs he had discovered an open window backed up to a steep slope.  The footprints leading up into the trees told the whole story.  Frolich had returned to the living room to find Annie Wright on the sofa, shaken but evidently unharmed by her ordeal.  “Come on, fatso,” he prodded the man in the chair.  “Who’s your pal?”

“I swear to God, I don’t know his name,” Rollo wept.  “He forced me to bring him up here.”  He looked pleadingly at Annie.  “Tell them, lady.  I didn’t do nothing.  I was trying to help you up when they come in.”

Vince and Frolich both looked at Annie.  She nodded.  “He wasn’t armed when I came in…. and he seemed really frightened.  He said he was afraid the… thing was going to kill him.”

“I told ya,” Rollo whined.  “Now let me go… These things are cutting off my circulation.”

Frolich holstered his weapon and reached for the keys to the handcuffs.”

“Just a minute.”

He looked up to see Annie Wright getting to her feet.  She crossed the room and stood over the trembling man. “Did you have an ancestor named Rollo Castillo?”

Rollo Castle’s face dissolved into a quivering mass of jelly and he shook his head from side to side.  “Don’t make me talk about it, lady,” he whimpered.  “They’ll kill me, me and all my family.  You can’t never get away from them.  Never.”

“Who?” said Vince.

Rollo’s eyes darted about the room and his voice fell to a quavering whisper.  “Them,” he said.  “The vampires.”

Frolich and Vince exchanged glances over the frightened man’s head.

“You could be accessory to murder, eighteen or twenty counts,” said Frolich, “and obstruction of justice… or you might just walk out of here…. But if you don’t want to tell us….”

“Oh Jesus!” Rollo squealed.  “Oh Jesus, please don’t make me tell you about Them.”

“Leave him alone,” said Annie, “can’t you see he’s frightened?”  She snatched the keys from Frolich’s hand and knelt to uncuff the big man from the chair.  Rollo rubbed his wrists gratefully.  “Now, Rollo,” she said in a quiet voice, “we don’t want to get you into any trouble with Them, but we have to know what They are.  Why that one brought you here tonight.”

He looked into her frank blue eyes, glancing uneasily at the two cops.  “That’s all?”

“That’s all,” she said, looking up at Frolich.  The little detective nodded.  “Tell us that much and I’ll fix you a nice cup of coffee and you can go home.”

Rollo nodded.  “They’re Old Ones,” he began, “Vampir, from the time before time began.  This one here tonight, he came to me a few days ago ’cause he wanted to take a bride…”


Straight Razor Dan loped easily up the sharp incline leading to the high elevations beyond the trees.  Although the heavy snow would have by now obliterated any tracks the bitch might have made, he was certain from the landmarks she had described that he would have no trouble finding the old den. 

He paused to listen as the high pitched whine of an engine sounded from the valley below, and he wondered if the humans would be foolish enough to pursue him into this storm.  The unexpected arrival of the two men at the cabin had been a close thing. He had time barely had time to bolt up the stairs and out through an upper window of the habitation, grabbing but a single useful item in his haste.

The vampire regretted that he had not had time to couple with the human female before being interrupted.  It troubled him only slightly that he had been forced to leave the obese fool behind, but the Oracle could do him no harm.  He had told the man nothing.  He would see to the Gypsy when he returned to the city.

Thinking of the woman had stirred the burning in his loins and he turned his face back to the mountain.  The bitch would be up there, cowering in her den.  He would soon have her….  He heard the faint sound of the distant machine again.  If the men did come after him, he would not be forced to flee a second time.  He lifted the heavy black shotgun he had taken from the house, contemplating what a simple matter it would be to lay in wait for them.


“Dammit, you can’t go up there after him tonight!”  Annie’s voice was nearly lost in the racket of the idling Ski-Doo.”

“Annie, we’ve got to,” said Vince, easing back on the throttle.  “If this snow keeps up there won’t be any tracks to follow and the son-of-a-bitch will disappear into these mountains and be gone.  He’ll lay low for a couple of weeks and go right back to killing people.”

They were standing in the blowing snow beside the deck now, Frolich looking decidedly uncomfortable on the back of the big machine.  “You heard what Rollo said,” she argued. “This isn’t a man you’re following.  The cold doesn’t bother him.  He can run through the forest like an animal.”

“I don’t care what he is, he can’t outrun a machine and he can’t outrun bullets,” said Vince, climbing onto the saddle.  He looked back at Frolich.  “You ready?”

The homicide chief nodded and grabbed tight as the Ski-Doo lurched away into the driving storm.  “Stupid macho bastards!” she yelled after them.

Turning angrily on her heel, Annie stomped back up onto the deck and stormed into the house.  Rollo sat at the kitchen table, sipping his coffee.  “Did they go?” he asked.

She nodded, bending to retrieve a stack of magazines that had fallen to the floor in her brief struggle with the creature.  She placed them on the coffee table and stared at the sofa.  “Where’s the shotgun?” she asked, glancing at the empty rack by the fireplace.

Rollo looked up from his coffee.  “He took it,” he said.

“Who took it?” she heard the panic rising in her own voice.

Rollo looked perplexed.  “Him…. I thought you saw…”

He stared at the open door as she disappeared into the night.

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  1. Sheila L. M. says:

    I can’t help but wonder if Straight Razor Dan is going to be buried in the same cave from which his “bride” emerged. Hope she finds a cure for her thirst!

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